A Few Reasons To Look Into Intermodal Trucking Jobs

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There are many different types of trucking jobs. Some drivers prefer over-the-road jobs that take them far from home for days on end and others prefer working for a local company making deliveries from the warehouse to the store. The third type of driver does intermodal trucking jobs. These jobs involve getting goods between a long-distance hauler and a warehouse or business. This could be picking up a load at a train depot and taking it to its final destination or getting a trailer from the manufacturer and taking it to a ship. There are some definite advantages to working this type of trucking job.

Home Every Night 

Since the job involves going between a long-distance hauler and a manufacturer or retail warehouse, the distance is not too far. The driver can get the job done during a normal working day. Some local delivery jobs involve working overnight to get products to the stores when there are few customers but intermodal jobs are almost always done during the day.

Working with Containers

Instead of pulling up to a loading dock and having to load pallets of goods into your truck's trailer, intermodal trucking involves hooking a container to the truck and going. Once you get to the destination, you simply unhood the container, get all the paperwork, and go on your way. The process is fast and simple and you won't have to worry about getting hurt hauling and lifting things.

Choose Your Work Days

Most companies that offer intermodal shipping allow their drivers to choose which shipments they want to work with. This means that you can choose what days and times you will be working. As a shipment is listed, the day and time of its arrival are noted. You choose whether or not you want to make the delivery. Of course, there may be times when the company calls to request you do a delivery if no one else takes it, but there is usually a bit of leeway for you to move around the schedule.

Intermodal trucking jobs are good for truckers who need to be home every night and do not want a set schedule. You set the times you want and need to work and find jobs around them. You can work with several different companies to ensure you get all the work you need at the right times. In addition, you won't need to have your own trailer, just the truck.

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