Bail Bond Facts To Know

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Even if you've never been arrested before, you likely understand the importance of being able to post bail if you are. That's one of the things that many people underestimate. Unfortunately, some people don't fully appreciate it until they find themselves in need. There are a few key things that everyone should understand when it comes to bail bonds. Here's a look at a couple of those things that you should know.

You Have A Right To Bail Consideration

One thing that many people don't realize is that the Bill of Rights preserves your legal right to bail consideration. That doesn't mean that everyone is granted bail, nor does it guarantee your right to be able to afford that bail if granted. However, it does mean that you have a legal right to request bail, and you can reach out to a bail bonds company if needed to afford it.

Bail Is Often Out Of The Budget

Especially when you're suspected of significant crimes, bail amounts are often set far beyond what your budget can actually allow you to pay. That's why bail bonds are such a significant industry. Bail bond agents can pay your bail amount in exchange for a percentage of that amount from you. That amount is typically non-refundable and it's the bail bondsman's premium for taking the risk on your bail.

Bail Makes It Easier To Build Your Defense

Many people find that it's harder to establish a defense and work with their attorney when they have to spend their pre-trial time in jail. You're limited on visitation and you have to rely on others to handle things outside of the jail for you. That's another reason why bail is so important. When you are able to secure a bail bond and get released from jail before your trial, you have more freedom of movement to be able to contribute to building your defense.

Bail Bond Agents Are Choosy About Their Clients

Bail bond agents are taking on significant financial risk when they bail someone out of jail. If that person flees and misses a court date, the bail bondsman then loses the money that they invested in the bail unless they can return that person to jail. That's why most bail bonds agents are selective about who they bail out. They will ask questions about your history, your family connections in the area, and any potential risks for flight. You'll also be required to check in with your bondsman regularly to ensure that you're being responsible.

These are just a few of the most important things to remember when it comes to bail bonds. Talk with a bail bonding company near you today so that you know who to turn to if you or a loved one are ever arrested.