Types of Gun DIY Upgrades

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Each gun requires a regular upgrade. Such occasional updates help to improve the functionality and performance of your gun. Most of these upgrades will not require the help of a professional gunsmith. There are multiple do it yourself (DIY) gun upgrades you can perform in the comfort of your home. However, the upgrades available on the market are diverse and, at times, confusing. This post highlights critical Gun DIY upgrades that can enhance your gun experience. 


Barrel changes are some of the most effortless adjustments you can make on your firearm. Typically, most handguns and shotguns provide varied options for aftermarket barrels. As such, an upgrade is as simple as buying a new barrel, disassembling the gun, and fitting it with the selected barrel. Broadly, a barrel swap enhances the look of your gun and improves your shooting accuracy. 

Iron Sights

Ideally, iron sights act as horizontal and vertical reference points for easy visual targeting when shooting. This component fixed on the barrel tail or receiver is relatively easy to change. You only need to determine how the iron sights are fixed on a firearm. Some are screwed on and require special tools, while others are easy to remove and insert. Thus, you can do a simple upgrade on the iron sights to improve the target accuracy of your gun. 

Rifle Scopes 

Scopes are also easy upgrades one can make on the firearm. Ordinarily, your rifle may not come with a scope at the time of purchase. Yet, these additional components are an ideal way of improving your gun optics. Adding a rifle scope will instantly enhance gun sights and target alignment. In this way, you can focus and bring the target closer to your eyes. Notably, some scopes and optics have fiber optics that allow the shooter to see in all types of light. 

Recoil Spring 

The recoil spring is one element of your gun that sees constant action. Depending on how often you use the gun and the manufacturing quality, you will need to replace the recoil spring often. Changing the recoil spring is easy and will enhance the guns' shooting performance. Also, you can change the guide rods on your gun. There are varied types of guide rods available in the market. Such guide rods help in preventing your recoils spring from sharp twists. 

Gun Grips 

The quality of the grips affects the stability of gun handling. For instance, a good grip acts as a safety feature to prevent the gun from slipping when firing and cleaning. There are different types of grips in the market that vary in style and material. This variety allows you to easily access and change the grip of a gun to your liking. 

All in all, a gun should be more than a safety or sports tool. Make your gun an expression of your taste. There are multiple and affordable gun DIY upgrades available in the market if you wish to customize your firearm.