Three Bladed Objects That You Can Get Engraved

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Getting something engraved allows you to include a number of key details about a special event. There are all sorts of objects that your local engraving service can engrave for you; if you're curious about the service's ability to engrave something, simply call to inquire. Many people choose to get bladed objects engraved for all sorts of different occasions. If this idea appeals to you, here are three such objects that your local engraving service can personalize with lines of text.

Cake Knife

There are plenty of things that you might wish to get engraved in advance of your wedding. The gifts that you'll give to your bridesmaids and groomsmen can often be suitable for engraving to mark the occasion, for example. One bladed object to consider taking to your local engraver is the cake knife that you'll use to cut your wedding cake with your new spouse. Many couples buy a special cake knife and fork to use for this ceremonial part of the wedding reception. When you get the blade of the knife engraved with your names, the date of your wedding, and perhaps a sentiment of love, you'll enjoy recalling your special day years from now whenever you use the knife.


Your local engraving professional can also add a message to the blade of a sword . There are several different reasons that you might wish to get one of these bladed objects engraved, but a common case is to celebrate someone in the armed forces. For example, if you have a family member or close friend who has been promoted in the military, giving a military-appropriate gift is common. You can buy a sword in military surplus stores and then have your engraving service personalize the blade with the person's name, their new rank, and the date of the promotion.


A shovel is another bladed object that can be worthwhile to engrave. A common reasons for this project is when you're using a special shovel for a ceremonial groundbreaking. You can buy fancy shovels that are good for photo ops — for example, a shovel with a stainless steel blade instead of a matte one. You can then talk to your engraver about adding some relevant wording. If you're organizing a groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of your church building, for example, the name of the church, the date of the event, and other details can work well on the shovel blade.

For more information on personalized engraving, contact a local engraving service.