Choosing The Right Location For Your Business Safe

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Choosing the right location for a safe in your business will provide convenient access for those who need it while keeping your cash and inventory secure throughout the course of the day. Where you place the safe will depend on your type of business and how your location is laid out. Here are just a few options to consider when choosing the location for your safe installation.

Under-Register Drop Safes

If your business deals in cash, you'll want to make sure your cashiers have a quick and convenient way to drop large bills throughout their shifts. Small drop safes installed under each register work well for this need. These simple safes are small and have a slot in the front large enough for bills and checks. They can be opened with a pass code or combination dial. Be sure that you post a sign that lets potential thieves know that your staff does not have access to the safes, which helps to give your staff an added sense of security.

Large Drop Safes

For department stores, large drop safes are a convenient option for each department to drop off their daily deposits. Place this safe in your business office or cash room. Since these safes tend to be larger, they will need to be installed on a floor that is reinforced to handle the weight of the safe. Opt for a safe that has a drop slot your employees can use as well as a traditional safe door that opens to reveal a large storage space. This will provide you with a place to keep coin and paper change you can use to replenish your cash register tills throughout the day.

Jewelry Safes

Vault-style jewelry safes are ideal for jewelry stores and fine jewelry departments. These safes come with multiple shelves so you can take your display trays out of your jewelry counter for safe, secure storage overnight. The jewelry safe should be conveniently located near the jewelry display area so your staff does not need to carry the trays throughout the store, which can make them vulnerable to thieves. Consider having a cabinet built around the safe and install the safe on your sales floor. The cabinet will keep the safe discreetly hidden while giving your staff convenient access. Be sure that your security team has cameras installed over the safe area so it can be kept under surveillance. For large jewelry stores, you'll also want to have a second safe in your back room or office to hold extra inventory, items being sent out for repair or custom orders waiting for pickup.

Work with your security team and locksmith to choose the best safe installation locations for your business. With the right planning, your safes will be easy for trusted employees to access without giving would-be thieves a way to take your cash or inventory. Contact a business, such as Stagecoach Locksmiths LLC, for more information.