3 Fire Alarm Features To Consider

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One of the most difficult parts about selecting a fire alarm system for your place of business is picking the most appropriate one due to all of the different models and types that are available. Listed below are three different features to consider in a fire alarm system and the benefits that they can provide.


A wireless fire alarm system is one of the best options available if you want a fire alarm system that is easily expandable. With traditional wired alarm system, each new sensor alarm will need to have new cables installed to carry the signals back to the system. This can make it very inconvenient and expensive to expand the system if you decide that you need increased security or if your building is every expanded.

With a wireless system, you only need to make sure that the sensors and alarms are located in areas where they can receive power. No other wiring is necessary as the components of the fire alarm system will transmit everything to the central system wirelessly. 


Another fire alarm feature to consider is an addressable fire alarm. These systems go a step beyond basic fire alarms and will not only let you know that there is a fire, but also notify you as to where the fire is occurring within the facility. This is ideal for minimizing the damage if a fire occurs because it can allow you to focus your fire suppression efforts or direct the fire department to the source of the fire without wasting time looking for it.

Emergency Services

Finally, you can also purchase a more advanced fire alarm system that will actually do more than simply go off and alert your staff to the fire. Instead, these fire alarm systems will actually attempt to contact emergency services at the first sign of a fire or smoke.

This is very useful for you as that means that there is no delay before emergency services arrive and begin putting out the fire and potentially rescuing anyone that has been trapped by the fire. This system is also very useful if your facility is not open and monitored 24 hours a day because it can minimize the any damages caused by a fire when no one is in the facility.

Contact a fire alarm dealer like Vigilant Security Inc. today in order to discuss which options are the best fit for your business and location. Addressable systems are a great choice for helping firefighters determine exactly where the fire started, while wireless systems can provide a cost effective and simple option if you need to expand your system in the future. In addition, more advanced systems are available that can contact emergency services on your behalf when a fire is detected.