Biting Back At Bed Bugs By Eradicating Common Household Mistakes

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Just when you think that you are immune to a bed bug problem, you spot one of the creepy critters making its way across your pillow for a meal in the dim light of morning. The simple fact is, anyone in the country could see a bed bug problem in their own home; and once you have these creepy critters trying to make a meal out of you while you sleep, you are going to be facing a major undertaking to eradicate the population from your home. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes that you should work to avoid if you are trying to handle a bed bug problem.

Mistake: Using every tip you find online to try to handle the situation on your own.

Why? If you are like a lot of people who first discover they have a bed bug problem, you will take to the internet to find information. While the internet can always be helpful, it is also filled with inexperienced and ill-educated information from people who don't know much more about dealing with bed bugs than you do. Trusting every tip you find online could lead you to making some pretty big mistakes. Take for example a New Jersey resident recently who accidentally burned down his house using a heat gun, space heater, and hair dryer to eliminate bed bugs. It is highly likely that some of his ideas came from what he found on the internet.

Mistake: Relying on store-bought bed bug foggers.

Why? It is true that you can go to just about any retail store and buy foggers that are clearly labeled for use in a home that has a bed bug problem. However, these products are never a reliable method on their own to get rid of an infestation. They can actually contribute to the problem if you are not careful. If you have bed bugs in your bedroom, for example, and choose to fog this area, you will just end up sending all of the bugs off in search of safe breathing space elsewhere in the house.

Mistake: Choosing to pack up and move to a new location.

Why? If you move because you have bed bugs, unless you strip down naked and walk in bare feet, taking nothing with you when you go, the bugs will just travel right along with you. Even if you get rid of every mattress or cloth furnishing, one single egg could still be hanging around in a box, book, or suitcase and regenerate the population when you arrive at your new place. Bed bugs can and will hide anywhere and their eggs are so tiny that they are nearly impossible to see.

Having bed bugs is no joke and nothing at all to be ashamed of. If you are facing a bed bug infestation in your own home, be sure you contact a pest control agent for professional advice and attention. 

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