3 Questions To Ask Before DIY Moving

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Whether you're looking to get a fresh start by moving into a new home or itching to get your business into a larger building, choosing whether or not to hire a mover can make a big difference. Sure, you could save some cash if you opt to move yourself, but if you're already making the huge investment in moving, why not do it right? Here are some handy questions you should ask yourself before you commit to DIY. 

Do You Have The Proper Vehicle To Move With?

An important factor which can help determine whether or not you should try to move yourself is whether or not you simply have the vehicle to do so. Of course, while a short move could be made in several trips even with the smallest of vehicles, a long distance move requires something more practical. This is where a good mover comes in as they have a variety of vehicles at their service which can allow them to knock out moving in one trip.

While certain companies offer trucks for rent for this express purpose, you might find yourself apprehensive with driving such a large vehicle a long way. With a mover, this fear is eliminated entirely, as you won't have to worry about the logistics of fitting all your things in a truck or even the stress that comes with driving an unfamiliar vehicle. 

Can You Afford To Spend Time Packing Or Unpacking?

Packing and then unpacking can be one of the most time consuming portions of moving. This can be a pain if you have other obligations to attend to, as it can strain your already tight schedule to the point of breaking. So, unless you have plenty of free time before and after the move, you might really want to consider going with a mover just for the sake of convenience.

A mover will do all the work for you, while you can get on your way with ensuring that everything will be perfectly set up for your arrival at your new place. That's not even to mention saving you from all that back breaking lifting that comes with moving furniture. 

Will You Have Help?

Another one of the largest divides if you're deciding whether or not to do it yourself is simply mustering the manpower to make it possible. With enough friends and family, moving can be a snap, but if you're struggling to find people who have the time to help you through your move, you might want to look toward hiring a mover.

A moving company, like the one represented at http://www.affordablechicago.com, can get things done quickly and on your own schedule instead of having to plan around your helper's schedules. Also, while it might be fun to hang out with relatives during the process, a professional will get the job done more quickly and safely almost every time. 

So, if any of these questions make you think that moving yourself will be too hectic, feel free to contact a professional. That way, you can get settled as quickly as possible and continue on with your life.