Best Gun Safes For Your Bedroom: Four Options

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If you're sleeping in the middle of the night and an intruder steps in, you want to be able to grab your gun quickly and react. However, keeping a loaded gun under your pillow may not be the safest option – instead consider a gun safe. Wondering what are the best gun safes for your bedroom? Take a look at the following four options.

Wall-mounted pistol safes

You want to be able to quick draw from your bed but an unsecure pistol under the bed is likely to be discovered by thieves or children. Luckily, there is a way you can store your pistol within arm's reach without putting your pistol or any children in your house in danger.

Wall-mounted pistol safes mount to the wall – imagine one discretely on the wall between your bed and night table. Nobody can see it, but you know it's there. In a matter of seconds, you can use a fingerprint, type in a code or turn a padlock to open your safe and get the pistol in your hand.

Nightstand safe

If you prefer to keep a larger artillery on hand or if you want a bedside backup to your wall-mounted pistols, you need a nightstand safe. Nightstand safes come in various shapes and sizes.

You can get a small safe that secures into your nightside drawer, or you can get a safe the size of a nightside table. It looks like a nightstand, but in reality, it's a pistol gun safe anchored to the floor.

Under-the-bed safe

If you are worried about a thief stealing your guns – and you should be because guns hold their value and are easy to resell on the black market – you need an under-the-bed safe. During the day, this safe is disguised, and hardly anyone would imagine it is there. In the night, if a thief comes, he or she will have to wake you up to get to the guns.

An under-the-bed gun safe sits where your box springs sit now. The safe can be bolted to the floor, but some are positioned slightly above the floor so you can still have underbed storage. In both cases, you have to remove the mattress to get to the guns.

Basic gun safe in the closet

If you just want your guns secure and close to you, then you need a basic gun safe in your bedroom closet. You can find gun safes that hold three or four rifles and ammo that fit perfectly in most closets. If you need the gun, you can easily reach it, and the closet is a nice, discreet place to store your guns.