How To Keep Employees' Office Stuff Separate During A Corporate Move

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If your company is like many, your various employees probably have their own offices or cubicles with their own desks, filing cabinets and "stuff." If you are preparing for a corporate move, one thing that both you and your employees are probably worried about is keeping everyone's belongings separate during the move. Keeping everything well separated will make employees feel more comfortable and will help prevent disorganization of paperwork and other necessities, so follow these tips to keep things organized.

Have Employees Help With Packing

Have your employees help with the packing process; many people will feel more comfortable if they are packing up their own belongings anyway, and this will give them a chance to purge or take home the things in their office that don't need to go to your new location. Plus, if every employee helps a little bit, the move will go a lot more quickly and smoothly overall, which can help your company get into its new office as soon as possible.

Use a Detailed Labeling System

A labeling system can work wonders for keeping items from different offices and desks separate during a move. Use different-colored labels for different departments so that boxes can be easily identified from a distance. Then, label each box with the name of the employee who it belongs to or with the office or cubicle number. This will make it a breeze to separate and place boxes without opening them.

Move Different Parts of the Office Separately

If you try to move things from all over the office all at once, there is a much bigger chance of things getting mixed up. Instead, move different parts of the office separately to help keep things organized and close together. For example, you might want to move floor by floor or section by section.

Hire a Good Corporate Moving Company

To make moving a whole lot easier, consider hiring a corporate moving company. A good corporate moving service is accustomed to these types of moves and will have a system in place for keeping things separated. Plus, having a reliable moving company can make moving a lot easier for everyone involved, which can cut down on stress among your employees.

During your corporate move, neither you nor your employees should have to worry about keeping things from separate offices separated. Luckily, if you follow these tips, it should make organization a lot easier while your company is moving from one office to another.