Putting Your Books In Storage? Use This Guide.

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Do you have a massive book collection that you simply have to put into storage for a little while? A move to a smaller place, a temporary move for work, or any number of reasons can cause you to face the agonizing choice of parting with your book collection or storing it. Storing it for a while is usually the better option - but only if you do it right. Otherwise, you'll end up with a lot of damaged books and heartbreak. Use this guide.

Examine The Storage Unit Carefully

Paper products make great nests for rodents, and a family of mice can chew through your collection in no time. With that in mind, carefully examine the storage unit you're about to rent (from an outlet such as Belmont Self Storage).

Clean And Pack Your Collection Properly

If you can afford it, use archival storage boxes for your books, especially if you have any collector's editions or rare books. Archival boxes are produced from acid-free materials, unlike most commercial storage boxes, which helps preserve your books for the long haul.

Failing that, buy small cardboard boxes that are designed specifically for books. Many of them are coated to retard the transfer of any acids in the materials. Plus, they're the right size. If you buy boxes that are too big, the weight of the books themselves can leave you with damaged covers and spines.

Plastic bins are not the best choice for storing books, because many of the chemicals used in their construction will actually damage fragile paper over time. In addition, they can easily trap humidity inside with your books, giving mold and mildew a fertile breeding ground.

When packing your books:

While it might seem unnecessarily tedious, consider taking an inventory of your books, including publication dates, and label the boxes. Labeling the boxes will just help you find a book if you suddenly need it, but an inventory protects you against loss should something unfortunate (like a fire or flood) happen.

By taking these precautions, you can relax a little and store your collection with confidence - which is better than having to part with your beloved books due to a short-term situation.