Need A Storage Unit? 3 Simple Tips To Make The Most Of Your Storage Space

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It can happen to anyone. You look up one day and find that your home is cluttered with things you really don't need. You start cleaning and realize that you want to hold on to some of it. You might think you only have two choices – get rid of it anyway, or let it keep taking up space. Luckily, you have a third option – a storage unit. If you've decided to rent a storage unit, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your new storage space. Take a look at these space saving ideas.

Choose The Right Storage Containers

The right storage containers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to putting your belongings in storage. If you're using cardboard boxes, you might want to consider repacking them. Cardboard boxes are not all the same size, so they don't always stack well. Not only that, but they can collapse under the weight when other boxes are placed on top of them.

Heavy duty plastic storage bins with lids are a much better way to store your belongings. You can purchase containers that are all the same size, so they'll stack easily. Another benefit of plastic storage bins is that they won't collapse under the weight of other containers.

Organization Is The Key To Success

Before you start taking containers to your new storage unit, organize them by order of necessity. Place the containers that have items you might need access to in the back, and the containers you won't need in the front. That way, when you start taking them to the storage unit, the things you won't need access to will be in the back of the storage unit and the things you might need will be in the front. This will keep you from having to dig through your containers to find the things you need.

Labels Can Be Your Friend

Labeling your containers will help keep your storage unit well organized. All you need is a roll of masking tape and a permanent marker. The labels will help you identify what's inside each container. Be sure to have your labels facing forward as you place them in the storage unit. This is particularly helpful when you need to get to something fast. This might seem like an overly simple suggestion, but when you're trying to find an item in a hurry, a well-placed label can make all the difference in the world.

Now that you're ready to clean out your house, you'll want to get the most out of your storage unit at a place like Oakland Ave Storage. Use these easy suggestions to make storing your belongings easy and efficient.