Things You Should Know About Your Water Well Pump

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If you do not have a reliable connection to the local water utility, a water well pump may be an essential device to have. Knowing the basics of owning and maintaining these systems will be essential to ensure that your home remains supplied with a sufficient amount of water.

Monitor The Pressure Of The Water Well Pump

The pressure of the water coming from the pump is something that should be closely monitored. Often, changes in pressure can be an early indication of a problem with this device that will have to be professionally repaired. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake for people to go for long periods of time without checking the pressure of their water well pump. By the time that these changes are enough to be noticeable in the home, substantial damage may have already occurred to the system.

Be Mindful Of The Impacts Pump Upgrades Could Have On The Water Well Pump

There are many upgrades that you may want to make to your water well system. One of these examples will be the installation of a filtration system to improve the overall quality of the water that is being provided by the water well. While these upgrades will be able to improve the water quality of your system, they can have negative impacts on the performance of the pumping system as they can increase the strain on the pump. Before you make these additions to your water well system, you should verify that your pump has enough capacity for it to be able to accommodate this additional strain. Otherwise, you may have to invest in upgrading to a more powerful pump to avoid a performance drop-off.

Avoid Letting The Water Well Pump Or Piping Freeze During The Winter Months

If your well pump system is above ground, freezing can be a major concern during extremely cold weather. When one of these pumps is able to freeze, it can suffer a rupture or other damage that will have to be repaired by replacing the pumping system. During periods of extreme cold, you may want to consider wrapping the pumping system in insulation blankets that will be able to significantly reduce the risk of the system freezing. Those with pumps that are buried below the ground will not have to worry about this problem as the ground will be able to act as a form of insulation to keep the coldest temperatures away from the pumping system.