4 Myths To Avoid When Designing Your Custom Marine Fuel Tank For A Small Boat

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If you have a motor on your boat that relies on fuel, the ability to carry extra fuel allows you to travel further and ensure you always have enough fuel available. Having a custom marine fuel tank made for your boat is a nice plan, but don't be fooled by these ongoing myths. 

Myth: Custom marine fuel tanks only work for larger boats.

It is true that many larger boat owners opt for custom fuel tanks, but more fuel tanks are created for standard and smaller boats. The reason behind this is smaller vessels may not have as much room available to work with for added fuel carriage. Therefore, prefabricated fuel tanks are often overly large or awkward to reasonably situate on the boat. For instance, if you have a 20-foot fishing boat with a shallow hull, prefabricated marine fuel tanks may take up too much space or throw off weight distribution, so opting for a custom unit would be more feasible. 

Myth: You can only get custom marine fuel tanks created from aluminum. 

While aluminum fuel tanks may be the most common for most water vessels, you can get fuel tanks created out of other materials as well. For example, if you prefer to have a fiberglass tank for resiliency against scarring or impact, the custom fuel tank fabricator can help you design the best tank for the purpose made from those materials. 

Myth: Custom-built tanks do not hold up as long as prefabricated fuel tanks. 

Custom marine fuel tanks are created out of the same durable materials as any prefabricated models you can buy at a marine supply company. In fact, some of the tanks can be more durable than prefabricated models simply because of the level of craftsmanship that goes into making the fuel tank. Most custom marine fuel tanks will come along with an extensive warranty, which is always a sign the provider can vouch for the integrity of the product. 

Myth: A customized fuel tank requires taking your boat to a professional for proper fitting. 

While some tank manufacturers may want you to bring your boat in to take measurements, the best can usually craft your tank with a few pertinent details about your vessel. For example, you may have to offer specific measurements or provide the make and model of your boat. With this information, it is fairly easy for a skilled fabricator to create a new fuel tank that will fit perfectly once you receive it. 

For more information, contact a custom marine fuel tank supplier.