Tips For Applying Vinyl To Your Windows

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Whether you're looking for decals to apply to your car or something for your company's store windows, vinyl lettering is an affordable and attractive option. If you want to make sure that your lettering goes on smooth and stays that way, proper application is important. Here are some tips to help you apply your vinyl decals properly.

Pre-Application Storage

From the time that your vinyl arrives to the time you apply it, proper storage is important. Keep the vinyl in an area that's dry, fairly cool and out of direct sunlight. You'll also want to protect it from humidity, because that can cause the vinyl to curl.

Proper Application Technique

The key to smooth vinyl application is taking your time. You need to be sure that the glass is clean first so that the vinyl adheres well. Then, use a squeegee to smooth everything out. Hold the squeegee at a 45-degree angle and use slow, even strokes. Just use light pressure - you don't need to press hard.

Once the vinyl is in place, let it rest on the glass for a while before you remove the backing. That way, you can be sure that the adhesive has cured to the glass so the stickers don't come off. Then, remove the backing slowly and evenly so you don't cause any air bubbles underneath.

Bubble and Wrinkle Elimination Tips

If you end up with bubbles in the vinyl lettering for any reason, it's important that you approach them properly. Don't poke them with a knife or a razor of any kind. Instead, invest in an air release tool so that you can eliminate the air pockets without causing physical damage to the vinyl. In most cases, the small pinhole created by the air release tool will heal and be unnoticeable in the vinyl. For the best chance at minimal damage, try to shift the air pockets all into one place so you can release the air all at once with a single puncture.

If any small wrinkles appear, you can usually work them out by placing a fingernail halfway down the length of the wrinkle and sliding your nail toward the edge of the vinyl sticker. Then, do the same in the opposite direction to remove the wrinkle from the other side. Large wrinkles are harder to deal with. You'll need to cut a small slit in the wrinkle and overlap the vinyl a little bit to cover it.

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