2 Tips For Clearing Out Items After Winning A Storage Unit Auction

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When storage unit renters fail to pay their monthly expenses, the contents in the unit can then be put up for auction. This gives anyone the opportunity to find things that may be valuable. If you happen to win the storage unit auction, then clearing out the unit can be challenging. Each unit is filled with different items; therefore, one unit may be filled with heavy furniture while another may only contain children's toys. If you do not come prepared, then it may be difficult to clear out the unit in a reasonable amount of time. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to clear out items from a storage unit that you win in an auction.

Plan to Move Heavy and Large Items

If you have a small budget for the storage auction, this does not necessarily mean that you may end up with a storage unit that is low on items. The few hundred dollars that you planned to spend could allow you to purchase a storage unit that is filled with furniture, car parts, and other large and heavy items. Therefore, you should always be prepared to move heavy items when you attend a storage unit auction. This can be done by bringing a large truck or trailer along with you. If your budget is a lot larger and you expect to purchase more things, then a moving van would be your best bet. Taking a standard four-door vehicle will make moving large and heavy items out of your unit frustrating and tiresome.

Bring Gloves

Storage unit auctions can be enticing because you never know what you may get. While these auctions offer the opportunity for many buyers to find hidden gems, you will most likely have to sort through a lot of duds. These items can be collecting anything from mold to mildew. As a result, you want to avoid touching items with your bare hands. Instead, bring a set heavy duty gloves with you to the auction site. This will allow you to sort through all of the contents of the storage unit without fear of touching anything questionable. A set of disposable gloves can also be used to look through smaller items.

Figuring out how to clean out your storage unit after the auction is over can be overwhelming and frustrating. Therefore, use these tips to make sure that you are well prepared.

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