How To Pack Up Your Kitchen

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One of the most difficult rooms in your house to pack up is the kitchen. This is because there are so many different items in the kitchen and none of them are shaped in a regular fashion. Here are some tips for packing up your kitchen in the most efficient manner possible.

1. Store Smaller Plates Inside Pots and Pans

The first step is see how well you can nest your larger pots and pans. Pull them all out and play around with them to figure out the best way that you can nest them in order to take up the least amount of room. Pack away these nested units, unless they have room in their centers. If they have room in their centers, you can use these as more storage space. 

Next, pull out all of your dishes and stack them by type. Look at the pots and pans that have not been packed, as well as the nests of pans that still have room in their centers to add things for storage. Start experimenting by seeing which dishes will fit into which pots and pans. When you have them all laid out, remove your dishes. Put a piece of newspaper between each dish in order to keep them from cracking during the move. Then, put the dishes back in the pots and pans that you have designated to be used to store them. Pack up your pots and pans into boxes, making sure that you clearly label them before you seal them.

2. Keep Your Spices From Rattling Around

Take a piece of duct tape and put it over each of the tops of your spice containers. This will keep the plastic lids shut and help ensure that you will not have to end up sifting through your spices at the bottom of the box when you finally unpack. Next, take your spice containers and use them to layer the bottom of a box. They should fit nicely because they are all usually a standard size. If you have any extra room, stuff this place with plastic bags in order to keep the spice containers from rolling around. Then, put something lighter, such as a strainer, on top of the spices. This will allow you to better utilize the space inside your boxes.

3. Use Old Plastic Bags Instead of Packing Peanuts

Finally, put your blender and other appliances into their own respective boxes. To make sure that they are not jostled around, add enough plastic bags to keep the appliances from moving. Recycle the bags when you unpack.

For more information about packing efficiently and what supplies to use, talk to a company that specializes in self-storage, such as I-70 Self Storage.